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From the FA:

We have now completed our validation visits to clubs during training sessions in this football season which have highlighted areas of improvement  and to date we have completed 22, engaged with 105 teams, 130 coaches and 179 parents/ guardians. We have extended this to engage with children to obtain their views to improve standards and ensure they are safe and have an enjoyable time whilst playing football. We also ensure all named coaches were present with in date DBS certificates and safeguarding training. Those clubs that do not adhere to this were issued with action plans and provided with guidance and direction to implement a safer environment for children and adults at risk.

  • Those clubs who have not had a validation visit please ensure that you have your managers/coaches and assistant coaches – which includes parent helpers listed on the Whole Game System under the teams that they are involved in. Please ensure that at least one member of the officials for that team has and in date DBS, in date safeguarding training and in date first aid. All others to all have in date DBS and as good practice to all have safeguarding training.
  • Please make sure that everyone in your club – parents/players/officials know who the CWO is.
  • Please ensure that everyone knows what the Whistle Blowing policy is.
  • Please ensure that the CWO is on the committee and Safeguarding is on the agenda of any meeting.
  •  Just a reminder to continue to listen to children – please direct all your U18 players to the Kidzone on our website and complete the survey so I can feedback to clubs.

I will be adding content and setting a competition in the near future to the kidzone, so ask your players to keep an eye open for this.

Please feedback any good practice and good news stories from your children’s forums/councils.

  • Preparing for the new season, please ask all your parents/players/officials to sign the codes of conduct relevant for them and ask them to keep a copy and the club keep a copy. This will assist if there are any breaches during a season and enable the club to sanction. It also reminds everyone that there is a code to help children have a safe and enjoyable time whilst playing football.

See the following link around respect and resources available to help your clubs.—best-practice-guidance.ashx–texting-and-email-under-18s.ashx—running-a-website.ashx—communicating-responsibly-with-under-18s.ashx—use-of-digital-platforms.ashx

  • It has been bought to my attention many complaints regarding using unqualified parents/helpers/volunteers as referees for U11 games. Attached is a Code of conduct for match officials (whether qualified or not) so that we can avoid the complaints.

Please could you provide this information to the relevant helpers who participate in this role.

Could you also encourage your coaches and parents to support referees, whether they are qualified or not, referees play an integral part in ensuring football remains fair, safe and inclusive.—the-referee

This guidance is provided to support Referees within Middlesex who officiate Youth Football at Mini Soccer, 9 v 9 & 11 v 11.  This guidance will assist referees in understanding the differences in the types of football that they may be asked to officiate.

  •   referees should apply the Laws within the ‘spirit’ of the game to help produce fair and safe matches
  •   everyone must respect the match officials and their decisions, remembering and respecting that referees are human and will make mistakes

Players have a major responsibility for the image of the game and the team captain should play an important role in helping to ensure that the Laws and referees’ decisions are respected.

If the same volunteers are being used and not qualified, you may want them to apply for a basic referee course. All details can be found on the following link: